Featured Projects

‘Document Vault’ – Mobile App

2 Person Project
DocBlitz / Think Virtual Reality
2018 (2 weeks)
Primary Role UX and UI Design

A small business owner wanted to validate and prototype an idea for secure financial document storage on mobile. I designed and led qualitative user research, then synthesised and presented findings to the client to inform decision for further investment. Undertook concept development and delivered hi-fidelity UI mockups for further testing.

The Cairns Water Cycle – Interactive Touch-wall

2 Person Project
Cairns Regional Council / Think Virtual Reality
2018 (2 weeks)
Primary Role  Interactive Design and Layout

A Community Engagement Officer wanted an interactive visualisation of the water cycle, as part of the Regional Council’s ‘WaterWhys Education and Training’ programme for schools. I liaised with the client and worked closely with an illustrator, to design interactions and content layout suitable for school kids. See it in action.

The work is touring schools and festivals in Far North Queensland.

Stress Diagnosis Product – Wearable and Mobile App

Solo Project
2016 (4 weeks)
Primary Role/s User Research & Prototype Testing

A bio-tech startup wanted to gain insight into the user experience of a new product prototype that scientifically diagnosed mental health (using biometrics captured while sleeping). I designed and undertook all aspects of ethnographic research, including a four-day cultural probe. Then, synthesised and documented findings, including recommendations for usability/UI design and further research.

Medibio since released ‘ilumen’ in 2018 as a Corporate Health product, which has been offered to 8,000 people.

‘YOLO’ – Product-Service System Concept

Solo Project
2013 (4 months part-time)
Primary Role/s Service Design, UX and UI Design

Aimed at professionals, YOLO is a concept for a subscription pick-up service & mobile working environment that shuttles people between their home suburb and the Melbourne CBD.
The concept was informed by extensive secondary and primary research (including interviews, service safari and prototype testing).

Winner: RSA (UK) Student Design Award 2013

Persistence – Interactive Public Installation

2 Person Project with Clinton Freeman
2018 (4 months)
Primary Role/s Interactive Script Writing, Set and Graphic Design
Secondary Role/s Game Design, Set Construction

Persistence was an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ style experience, installed in Cairns (Queensland), for the 2018 Commonwealth Games festival. Participants played the role of a young athlete aiming to compete (and win a medal!) in the 100m ‘sprint’. They were guided around the Cairns esplanade for 40 minutes by ‘Corey’, their electronic coach.
The project was generously supported by Cairns Regional Council, Queensland Government and KickArts Contemporary Art Gallery.

Persistence ran for seven evenings and was enjoyed by around 1,900 people.

Wintec Design Factory Pilot Programme  – Creative Workshops

2 Person Project
2016 (1 month)
Waikato Institute of Technology / Design Factory Melbourne
Primary Role/s Co-design and co-facilitation

A colleague and I designed and facilitated a series of five creative workshops, aimed at influencing and inspiring academic and professional staff from across Wintec, to build a shared vision for their own ‘Design Factory’ (a global innovation platform for student-industry and interdisciplinary collaboration). The workshops introduced design thinking philosophy and methods, then facilitated participants to create their own model for a Design Factory-style pilot programme.

The pilot programme was successful and Wintec launched their own Design Factory in 2017.

Personal Experiments

Meet Me – A cooperative light-game

Solo Project
2019 (3 Months, casual)
Primary Role/s Concept Design and Implementation

Meet Me is a cooperative game for younger players, aimed at inspiring STEM engagement.

Two or three players collaborate to reach a total score of 1000 points, in as few rounds as possible. In each round, each player controls the firing and speed of one LED ‘bullet’. When two bullets collide, points are awarded. The number of points increases the closer the collision is to the top of the game-board.

Read more here.

Watch trailer: on Youtube.

Sun Defender – Arcade Game for Mac

Solo Project
2018 (4 months, casual)
Primary Role/s Concept Design and Implementation

Sun Defender was my first real attempt at Object Oriented Programming in C++.

Alien invaders have arrived! They are using super photon-soakers to absorb the sun’s energy. If they soak it all up the sun will die, and so will your planet. Use your laser canons to destroy them before it’s too late!

See it played here: on Youtube.
Download and play it here: Sun Defender Mac app.

Laser Cats – Interactive Artworks

Solo Project
2018 (1 month)
Primary Role/s Concept Design and Implementation

Laser Cats is a series of three artworks that repurrposes old t-shirts that were too cute to discard. In their new lives they continue to remind me not to take things too seriously. The eyes of the cats flash when someone approaches. Made with Arduino. Exhibited for 6 weeks as part of ‘Neo: emerging artists’ at KickArts Contemporary Art Gallery, Cairns. See them in action here (Youtube).

Each piece was sold during the exhibition.