Hello, I’m Carl Turner.


20180325Persistence Construction.jpg

I am an emerging artist working mainly with mixed media and electronics. My art endeavours draw on

  • a passion for adventure stories and sci-fi concepts of the future (stuff like Jules VerneChappy, Synthwave),
  • a passion for games and imaginative play (check out Firewatch, Bananagrams and Near Death),
  • broad educational and professional experiences in design and engineering.

I’m also an experienced designer. For over ten years I’ve applied creative problem solving and design thinking in product, digital, service and industrial projects. As a designer I’ve worked on new product development and service innovation projects in health, education, manufacturing, mining, financial and community sectors. I’ve also facilitated student-industry innovation projects and lectured/tutored/researched in design and innovation.

From both art and design perspectives I’m interested in the question:

How do our interactions with everyday things shape how we interact with each other and the world?

(especially in relation to energy, water, food and health)

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy Round Bananas.

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