Box Shooter is a short/demo First Person Shooter (FPS) game I made for Intro to Game Development on Coursera.

In terms of visual/audio design I’m loving everything synthwave!! I found a wicked Unity asset pack that helped a lot with the synthwave/retro styling. It’s called Retro Aesthetics and was quite easy to use. Be sure to read the author’s documentation.

Download and Play Box Shooter

Click to download: BoxShooter-WebGL-CarlTurner

The zip file (20MB) contains a webGL version of the game. Open the index.html file to play. Note you’ll need a web browser that supports WebGL. If it doesn’t load in your browser, you can download Firefox for free.

Things I learned through this project

  • The skybox material is applied through the Lighting panel, not in the hierarchy/inspector. In Unity 2018.1.0 go to Window > Lighting > Settings to bring up the Lighting panel. Skybox Material is in the Scene tab under Environment.


  • When changing fonts on UI Text objects the text went huge and I had to scale it down again. Maybe this is relates to some of the retro fonts included with Retro Aesthetics being bitmap images, not actual ‘fonts’.
  • Most of my UI Text objects have collider components attached to them, so in the game you can shoot the text, instead of click it, to ‘make your selection’. Remember to check the colliders are big enough to cover the whole text area. If they’re too small you’ll shoot the text and may miss the collider, and nothing will happen.  Edit the collider attached to a text object by clicking the Edit Collider button in the Inspector. Then drag the handles on the collider (green box) in the Scene view.


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