Our family never owned Monopoly, in fact I can’t recall ever playing, what I gather is, the iconic board game. Instead, maybe because dad is a geologist, we had The Mining Game.

The Mining Game’s box, board and cards were blandly coloured in various dull metallic shades. Despite the lack of visual excitement I still enjoyed the playing of the game. It’s exciting trying to weigh my skill towards achieving the game’s goal, all the while balancing on the knife-edge of chance within the game.

I’ve been interested for a while in how games work, how they’re designed. I recently enrolled in Game Design on Coursera. The first assignment was to make a game, on one piece of paper and two dice. After a little ideation I came up with Swish! It’s a paper plane-based game, which you can play alone or with a friends.

Carl Turner Swish! photo 2017

Download Swish! (2.5MB)

Swish! has been through five rounds of prototyping and testing. Please let me know what you think, how it could be better, by leaving a comment below.

If you like it, please also check out three flyable paper rockets I designed. Link below.

Love paper planes? Want more?

Download, make and throw three rockets I designed a few years ago, with a 50s theme! The yellow and ‘lava-lamp’ rocket are folding-patterns you can find elsewhere. The red checkered rocket uses my own paper-folding design – and it goes like a rocket!

Carl Turner rocket fleet

Download the Rocket Star Fleet (1MB). Best printed on A3, double sided, no scaling.

Please let me know if you do and how you like them, by commenting below.

Love Games? 


A fascinating and entertaining story of how Dungeons & Dragons came to be (again another iconic game I have never played): Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons & Dragons.

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