The idea came to me as I turned off the big roundabout on the way home from my son’s last swimming lesson for the year. For a good week I’d mulled over what my contribution to the Kris Kringle could be. I was determined to make something, but was yet to decide what. In that ordinary moment, as we headed for home, a bunch of latent thoughts suddenly coalesced and Push for a bit of razzle dazzle was born.

Push for a bit of razzle dazzle is three LEDs that illuminate when you push a button. No, razzle dazzle is not the flickering LEDs. Razzle dazzle is what can emerge when we pause for a moment to appreciate the flickering lights.

Push for a bit of razzle dazzle is a tool that creates opportunities for mindfulness.

You can hang it on your wall, like a picture. Its understated aesthetic leaves it up to the user to find delight in the experience of pushing the button. It gives us the opportunity to pause. To be present. To wonder.

It’s also a symbol of play, not unlike the flamingo-ridden dinosaur skeleton at the Googleplex or Tim Brown’s ‘finger blaster’.

Creating a tangible interface to our thoughts?
Push for a bit of razzle dazzle is a prototype for making ‘being mindful’ a more tangible interaction/ experience. It also picks up on John Ehrenfeld‘s concept of ‘presencing’ – he writes about helping us see the bigger context of our actions, through interactions with products designed to interrupt our routine (unconscious) patterns of behaviour.

Would you like a bit of razzle dazzle in your life?


Brown, T 2008, ‘Tales of creativity and play’, Serious Play conference 2008, TED Talks,

Ehrenfeld, JR 2008, Sustainability by Design: A subversive strategy for transforming our consumer culture, Yale University Press, London

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